Date Card
Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
1 year ago

S12E2 - Must Love Frozen Pizza

And just like that we have a 'new' season of The Bachelor! For better or for worse we are now rooting for a deep voiced man who is likes football and has aspirations of being a Wife Guy (oooof that title has been ruined hasn't it?). Despite very little effort on the franchises part to make us feel any sort of connection with this man created from on of Bachelor Clues' AI generators, Date Card Pod is back to recap, theorize, talk shit, and befriend/make enemies with the 30 (now 20) women who are on the journey of a lifetime to answer the age old question: Is he hot or is he tall?

Thank you to all the besties and haters keeping this podcast going and I hope you enjoy the new podcast structure I am workshopping! Love you all! Couldn't do it without you! Rate and review and tell a friend!!

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