Date Card
Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
1 year ago

S12E9 - Bachelor Magic Tricks with Connie

It's week 7! Lucky number 7! And that means it's pre hometowns week! Ummmm wtf how did this season go by so quickly? I guess the saying is true, time flies when you're having just an okay time. But ya'll you are about to have a great fucking time because bestie of the podcast, Connie, is back to recap, roast, and relate to the struggles of these contestants just trying to not suddenly be disliked by Zach. Together we expose mentalists for †heir trickery, piece together the secondary love story of this season, love on Gabi, and speculate about the Women Tell All.

Thank you so much to Connie for coming on and make sure you're following them @iconniethereboot

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