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Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
1 year ago

S12E4 - Bachelor Bare Minimum with Bekah Cloud

Touchdown bros! It's week 3 of The Zachelor and let's just say all the tight ends and receivers...were in it to win it winky emoji. And by it I guess I mean a chance to see the leads ballzachs. I don't know dudes shit got weird this week. But whats more important is that Bekah Cloud, a TikToker, Yoga Instructor & Aerialist, joins the pod to talk Bachelor, Grammy’s, Gaylor & Disability Representation. Born with VATER Syndrome, Bekah shares her experiences and journey to accepting and understanding that “Disability” isn’t a bad word. We’re not broken. We don’t need to be fixed. And we deserve the right to be manipulated by producers on National TV too!

This important and really great conversation starts at around minute 48 and content warning for light discussion of mental illness, addiction, ED, and assault.

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