Date Card
Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
2 years ago

S10E10 - Dues Paying Members of the Patriarchy w/ Sophie James

We did it. Like we actually fucking did it. We made it through the last 2 1/2 months (Clayton's mess) and 16 months (non stop content) of hell. Are we in one piece? Mentally, physically, and spiritually? No (Said in Gabby). But did we have fun? You don't have the capacity to understand what we've been through (also said in Gabby). Do we have a lot of opinions? Yeah (again said in Gabby).

And who else to wrap up this 'journey' up with then bestie Sophie James of Unpaid Emotional Labor!! And true to every podcast we have done with Sophie, we went for two full god given, glorious, daylight saved hours. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Make sure you're following Sophie @unpaidemotionallabor and we cannot ever thank her enough for all the amazing chats and laughs this last year. We love you so much!!!

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