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Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
1 year ago

S11E1 - He's a 10 but he likes Entourage

Cast Bios!!

WE'RE BACK! And holy hell that was a delightful extended break. Although we didn't necessarily relax with a cocktail in hand the entire 4 months, no - one of us got married and finally consummated the dang thing nice and one of us worked on a campaign that slanders the show. Time well spent if we say so our selves!

But all that aside we're back for another season of sparkling dresses, gross kissing sounds, men being rude, and of course some drama! But now with 100% more lead! That's right folks we got a BOGO! But in all seriousness, we are excited and happy for Gachel and frankly a structure change!

Before the big premiere tonight listen in now as Danika and Jenna attempt to subscribe morality to 32 men only based on a singular black and white photo and three facts the show pulled out of thin air!

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