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Date Card: A Bachelor Nation Podcast
10 months ago

S11E22 - Front row seat to the shit show w/ Marilyn

We did it everybody! We fucking did it!!!!!!!! And by it, I am of course talking about the marathon that was back to back seasons of bachelor shows with the added bonus of extra paradise episodes like what the actual fuck? I'm sorry but I don't think we are talking about this enough as a fanbase. Who and where do we send the cease and desist letter my sisters in christ.
OKAY OKAY SORRY back to the podcast description... THIS week I am joined by friend of the pod and everyones fave funny, sassy, intellectual Marilyn to recap this buck wild finale. And in edition to her usual nuanced and intriguing takes, she has bestowed upon us her experience as an audience member of that hauntingly intense reunion. !!!!! That's right she was there and I can't wait for you all to dive in to this episode!

Make sure you're following her at @marilyn.movies for media reviews and more and thank you again for your service to the nation Marilyn. You are braver than the troops.

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