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1 year ago

S9E6 - All Too Nick

Special discourse episode!

Taylor Swift blew everyones gourds this week by releasing a 10 minute version of her emotional sleeper hit 'All Too Well', in which she eloquently and assiduously details a traumatic relationship and break up. We should be thanking Taylor for the vulnerability and jamming out...but alas hot takes were had by some (mostly men) and one in particular that left me and others unsettled. Nick Viall apparently watched the video and his first thought was to put down Taylor for still talking about it 10 years later, be defensive of people who do toxic behavior, and completely miss the points made about how the age gap caused harmed. He then asked a Therapist to come on his podcast to dissect all the ways in which a 20 year old handled herself too emotionally, and how we as a society are using knowledge of bad behaviors as 'weapons'.

Anyways I decided i would do a podcast too, and so I invited some friends on and we have a good old fashioned discourse.

Note: this is raw and loose conversation between three friends, not experts. These are our opinions and feelings, not hard and fast rules. We discuss heavy topics of emotional abuse, inappropriate age gaps, and depression/suicide, please be advised.

Thank you to Tristan and Candice for coming on and being vulnerable.

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